Still No Images – March 2017

It seems like the Gods are conspiring against me! The weather has not been cooperating at all. I have done all I can do with the rig inside and now need a clear night to test everything and take some images.

One on my club members suggested a program called Sequence Generator Pro. I started playing around with an evaluation copy and found that, although more complicated, it is much more powerful than APT. I spend at least an hour every day playing with it. Unfortunately, some of the settings need to be done under a starry sky.

A widow of an acquaintance gave me a good deal on some of her husband’s equipment. I picked up an 80mm guide scope and a couple of cameras that make setting up and aligning the mount a breeze. Just gotta have a clear night.

Author: Bob

Retired Engineer/Math teacher living in sunny Florida. My interests are SCUBA diving, spearfishing, fishing, hunting, boating, woodworking, and, most recently, astrophotography.

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